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Manitoba Selects Frequently Asked Questions  

What is Included in the $998

100+ hours of training including indoor sessions throughout the winter and outdoor sessions when weather permits. Select swag includes a practice jersey, hoodie, t-shirts, and shorts. Travel costs are not included.

What is included in the $350 travel cost

Each Trip selection costs an additional $350 upon the $998 program cost. Which includes coaches' travel, tournament fees, meeting rooms, game jersey & game pants (1 set only) (personal travel cost is not included)

How does travel work?

Typically families travel with their athletes to tournaments and showcases and meet at our blocked hotel. Also, to cut costs parents carpool or send their athletes with other families whom they know and trust. Personal travel costs are not included in the $350 trip cost and families are asked to arrange their own travel accommodations. If your athlete is eligible to travel and you are unable to make arrangements for them please contact our team for more information on chaperone packages ASAP.

Do you provide football equipment?

Yes, equipment is available to rent for a $75 cost with a $175 deposit returned when the equipment is returned. Before renting out equipment from the Manitoba Selects check with your club or high school football team to see if they will let you hold onto theirs to avoid additional fees and shortages. 

What is the difference between a showcase and a tournament?

A showcase is fair play and a tournament is competitive. Developmental athletes are welcome to attend any showcases with no selection process necessary (check out our trips under program info to see what applies to you). Tournaments are competitive and athletes are required to be selected to attend. There is no fair play as we play to win. All athletes will see the field as we only travel who we will need to compete. Competitive athletes will also benefit from attending showcases.